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Georgetown Seward Park

Here's our mantra: good pizza, good music, good people.

We source the best cured meats in Seattle, make our own sausage, use the freshest veggies around and aren't afraid to spin a classic or mix up something fresh and unexpected.
KJR Pizza Race Winners! Pulled Pork Pizza
So whether you've heard about us from our Seattle Met writeup (yup, that's us on the cover), our #5 Pulled Pork Pizza writeup on Seattle Magazine's website, KJR Sports Radio, a friend, colleague, band mate, or your mom ... keep spreading the word and we'll keep spreading sauce on some of the best 'za in town.


Seasonal Specials

Note: Not all specials are available at all locations

Spring Fling — So good, we kept it all year!!!! Roasted garlic cream sauce, mozzarella, green onion, chicken sausage, fresh spinach, fresh basil. $26

Gus Williams — Olive oil base, garlic, asparagus with Laura Chenel goat cheese, pine nuts and mozzarella. For the meat eater, we suggest adding prosciutto after it comes out of the oven for $3. Yum. $22